“I decided to look into Crossfit because I was in a rut at my local gym and was looking for a change. I had lost motivation because I was so bored with my daily workout routines and I really needed to get in shape for my holiday overseas. A friend told me about Crossfit , so I thought I’d give it a try. My friend, and I took a class with Andre at Andre’s Gym and we both LOVED it! It was so different from my tedious routines at the gym, and it actually made me look forward to exercising. I have been taking Crossfit classes with Andre for 12 months now, The workout is always different, which keeps it fun and exciting. The workouts are intense, but fun and rewarding. Andre is an awesome coach and does a great job of encouraging us and inspiring us to continually better ourselves.”
– Lisa Paterson, Andre’s Gym

“After 3 kids, and now being closer to 40 than 30, my goal is to be fitter and look stronger than ever. I have tried everything, got some results, but got bored with it all. After 6 weeks at Andre’s Gym Crossfit2290 I am totally hooked and seeing results. Lost a dress size, can SEE changes in shape and am always looking forward to the next session. Every session is different, every session you learn something new, every session is a challenge and most of all it’s fun. Coach Dre is awesome as are all the girls that love to get their Crossfit on!.

What I like about the crossfit training is that it makes day to day life so much easier. When I started, I had knee joint pain and getting up from a seated position was painful and cumbersome. The squats and all the other core exercises have strengthened my muscles so much so that I don’t even think twice when getting up from a chair or going up stairs. Isn’t this what exercise should be about? All the research shows that the type of exercise done at crossfit is exactly what one needs to age in good health. I am very grateful to the training at Andre’s Gym and who would have thought exercise could be fun as well?!”
– AJ Koina