Our Story

Andre’s Gym was first established in 2010 & is an affiliate of Crossfit, the world renowned Crossfit organisation in the US. My belief has primarily been in an aggressive form of training to achieve “Forging Elite of Fitness”. Throughout my career I have been persistent with myself and clients to participate in  challenges to maintain team effort and confidence. These challenges include local and interstate and most recently hosting my own Crossfit completions with a mixture of 1 and 2 day events. I have been committed to unifying the Crossfit community as one often host friendly competitions between local affiliates. However after 10 years in the fitness industry with 5 of those specialising in Crossfit I started to notice a gap in the methodology where a lot of basic movement patterns were lacking due to flexibility and my members lack of commitment to working on their mobility through stretching. Even though I would ensure that my members would take part in group stretching and provided specialised mobility program, this focus on our body’s needs never seemed to be as important as practicing progressions and technique. That is when I started to look into the yoga side of things and learnt of the wonderful benefits and nurturing that regular yoga practice brings to the body – not only was it a great place to enhance flexibility and mobility, it was also a great mental escape and fitted hand and hand with the Crossfit program. Since then I have followed my gut instinct and developed Andre’s Yoga. This has allowed me actively provide my members with all that they need to reach their desired health and fitness goals! The best part is that all of this is right at home! I have found that the combination of Crossfit and Yoga allows everyone of all fitness levels to enjoy themselves and care for their bodies on all levels.