Our People

ANDRE MADIKIAN – Owner/Founder

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Andre commenced his career in the Fitness Industry in 2005 at the age of 17. He has been committed to sport including athletic and soccer representation from 2004-2008 during secondary school. Andre has represented in State and local Soccer teams including Central coast Premier league and Broadmeadow Magic in the NBN league. Whilst completing school he worked at a local Fitness Studio, Studio 1, where he worked towards certification in Health and Fitness accreditation.

In 2007 At the age of 19 years of Age together with a partner Andre established his first business “The Fitness Shed”. During this time he was the WINNER of the young entrepreneur award in 2008 as part of the Hunter Business awards. Following the success of the Fitness Shed he sold the business to his partner to move forward in building his second Gym.

Andre’s Gym was first established in 2010 & is an affiliate of Crossfit, the world renowned Crossfit organisation in the US. Andre’s belief is in an aggressive form of training to achieve “Forging Elite of Fitness”. He is persistent with himself and clients to participate in Crossfit challenges to maintain team effort and confidence. Challenges include local and interstate and more recently competitions the Hardnup challenge in Brisbane.

Anyone training with Andre will understand his commitment and passion. His encouragement and support with each individual provides the motivation to succeed.


  • Certificate 111 2005
  • Certificate 1V 2005
  • Level 1 CrossFit Coach
  • Crossfit Judges Course Certification
  • License Affiliate of Crossfit
  • Level 1 Weightlifting Coach Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Certificate 4 Business Management
  • Senior First Aid 2005, 2008
  • Fitness Australia Level 2 Exercise Professional 2008
  • Certificate 1V Training and Assessement 2009
  • Diploma Sports Counseling
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach For local sporting teams
  • Local and soccer representative
  • Central Coast Premier League
  • NSW Schools representative
  • Broadmeadow Magic NBN A League


Leah Team Shot

Throughout my experiences with varying styles of fitness I have always had a lack of mobility through my hips and lower back which restricted basic functional movements.
After living in England for 2 years I joined Andre’s Gym and started performing Crossfit, for people that don’t know what Crossfit is it’s functional movements performed at high intensity.
While training 6 days a week and not listening to my body I bulged a disc in my lower back leaving me unable to complete every day tasks such as putting my shoes on and picking my hand bag off the ground. For months I endured the injury and modified the workouts however I didn’t see any improvements even with rest to recover.
After seeing multiple medical practitioners and making no progress I finally saw a Physio that looked at my range of motion and gave me a rehab program that consisted of yoga poses to hold for certain periods of time. This rehab program required me to stretch every hour of every day for a number of weeks which meant going into the disabled toilets at work and completing them. I saw an incredible improvement in the pain and my ability to perform basic tasks without pain or limitation.
After seeing such a dramatic improvement it was then that I realised that taking up a regular yoga practice is what my body needed to heal and be cared for moving forward.
I have tried different types of yoga but saw the most improvement in myself when practicing vinyasa yoga at a local studio. This is where my passion and understanding of yoga and all its benefits started.
After much worry and fear of not being good enough as I was in no way the “bendiest” girl in class I completed my yoga teacher training in November 2015. This is one of the biggest challenges I have faced as it tends to open you up to a new way of thinking and feeling.
Yoga has also helped me immeasurably in my Crossfit performance and mental space.
Since completing my teacher training I have been lucky enough to start teaching a regular practice at Andre’s Gym and I hope that I can bring similar positive changes into my students lives with the practice of vinyasa yoga.


Nick Hartnett Team 490x250

I started crossfit when I was 16 years old in order to improve my soccer. Since starting crossfit my soccer game has reached the next level. My power, explosiveness and speed have improved drastically. Since then I have played soccer for the Newcastle Jets youth and the Australian Schoolboys. Crossfit is not only for athletes to improve performance but it is for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and make everyday activities that much more achievable

I first started coaching crossfit when I tore my ACL. Crossfit was the one of the best things when going through my rehab. I have contuned coaching throughout and love every minute of it.
When it comes to training intensity is everything. Higher the intensity and better the improvements. I have a real passion for coaching people through the movement patterns in order to get the best out of the client.


  • Crossfit level 1
  • Currently studying secondary PDHPE teaching


  • Australian schoolboys 2012/13
  • Newcastle Jets youth 2012-2015
  • Currently playing in NPL for Broadmedow Magic